Post calcined petroleum coke


The product description

Our company produced calcined petroleum coke belongs to medium and high-grade products, is mainly used as basic materials in steel electrolytic aluminum smelting, carbon industry production of carbonizing agent, graphite electrode, smelting industrial silicon.There are lots of larger enterprises in steel-making, electrolytic aluminum and graphite electrode in China, the market is wide. It’s able to customize all kinds of target products for customers

During making the graphite electrode for steel-making or anode paste(remelted electrode) for aluminum-making and magnesium-making, to make petroleum coke (green coke) meet the requirements, the green coke have to be calcined. The calcination temperature usually reaches around 1300℃. It’s aimed to wipe off the volatile fraction in petroleum coke, reduce the hydrogen content in petroleum coke reprocessed products, improve the graphitizing level of petroleum coke, so as to improve the strength at high temperature and heat resistance for graphite electrode and improve the electrical conductivity of graphite electrode.